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Have you ever Heard of Zouli??

Updated: Sep 27

Just north of the states, Montreal-based artist, Zouli started making music in 2018 and then would continue to release new music in 2019 before taking a break until 2021. Zouli returned with a 7 track EP “Resurrection” at the end of January this year, before releasing the newest song “Like This” on April 23rd. The progression for Zouli over his discography is strong and only more evident with each release.

A half-timed beat that is sped up to build the momentum of the track right at the start of the song almost 100% of the time means the song will bang. “Like This” is no exception as Zouli comes in with a strong flow and delivery to move the song intro into the first verse. The instrumental is incredible and Zouli knew exactly how to utilize the potential within the beat, through his melodies and catchy lyrics. The production and Zouli’s vocals converge seamlessly which makes for an overall very well put together song. Zouli’s potential is high and if he keeps working, the sky is the limit.

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